- creativity and imagination are the wonderful magic to make a better world - 

At Pixie dust, we believe it is important to cooperate together with gentle imagination and creativity of each individual to make better days, a better world.

Through lessons using selected art and the second language, spark fun! brings out your imagination and creativity that you have by nature for you to use your daily life.

Lesson flow

1. The navigator asks questions while touching a single piece of art.

2. The guests use their imagination and give their answers.

3. Through the repetition of questions, the guests' values, ideas, andthoughts come to the surface.

4. Their original senses (voices) come back to life.


Hopeful result

By reviving one's true voice (senses), we create a base for guests to develop the richness of life they desire.

Allow them to express their own voice.


Online trial lesson, One shot

Buds (3 times) |enjoy and feel

Ohana (6 times)|notice and acknowledge

Minori (12 times) |express

Sunshine course|english & thinking follow-up